A Detailed Comparison Between Diesel-Gasoline-Hybrid Cars


Fuel consumption for car owners remains one of the most important questions when buying a car. The next rise in price of fuel constantly raises this issue to a new level of importance. Many motorists cannot determine what type of power plant will be optimal for fuel costs, an exotic hybrid engine, or diesel?

Compare the indicated types of engines on the fuel consumption cannot, because it will be wrong. In addition to fuel consumption, various nuances concerning maintenance, all weak points directly related to operation and different resources should also be taken into account. In addition, the price of the same machine, equipped with different power units, can differ, and, sometimes quite seriously.

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Diesel engines at the present time are the most massive and continue to be so. To understand their weaknesses and benefits will help competent information of specialists and a large number of reviews of the owners. Owners of diesel cars have no problems associated with the purchase of spare parts or with maintenance. Typically, car dealerships offer cars with diesels more expensive by about 10-15 percent. As for the difference in their price compared to hybrids, here in general they are offered at 25-30 percent and even more cheaply.

But it is impossible not to note the disadvantages of diesel engines, one of the most important is their high gasoline consumption in comparison with hybrid power plants, and these motors are not always the most dynamic and fast.

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Diesel cars for many are still associated with a smoky and very rumbling tractor, which for normal transportation of passengers is not suitable at all. But in practice, the situation is slightly different, because such characteristics are relevant only for faulty and very old engines. In confirmation, we can say that even 15-20-year-old diesel cars can give not the worst comfort, in comparison with gasoline power units, so the more recent models should speak for themselves.

At the current time, the most uncommon in the automotive market are hybrid power plants. Their peculiarity was the use of a circuit with two types of motors; one of them is electric, and the other is of internal combustion. Each of these motors gets a drive to one of the axes, while they can work alone or at the same time.

The main advantage of these machines is considered to be high fuel efficiency in comparison with other schemes and maintaining high speed characteristics. It is impossible to consider hybrid vehicles by cars of misers who are accustomed to counting every penny and at the same time can refuse the comfort that a full-fledged car can give. This theory in practice finds confirmation rather on the contrary, that is, most of the proposals for hybrid passenger vehicles are currently in the premium segment, hybrid vehicles are produced by such companies as Porsche, Lexus, Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and many others. In the middle price segment there are also similar offers, but even this does not affect the fact.

One of the main drawbacks of the hybrid scheme is the complexity of its design, which of itself affects the costly maintenance and repair, and exclusively on highly skilled service stations. It should also be noted that the nickel-metal hybrid batteries used as a power source for the traction electric motor, very badly tolerate the parking lot without traffic, especially long. The lifespan of such a battery can significantly reduce even a break in travel for a month, but this is still a positive side, because there are also cases where this simple can generally disable the battery, and its replacement will cost the owner quite expensive.

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Now you can touch the numbers. If you compare the same car with engines of approximately the same volume, you can see that fuel consumption for the hybrid will be 30-40 percent less compared to gasoline and 10-15 percent less compared to diesel. If we take into account such an indicator as the maximum speed without forced limitation by the manufacturer and the dynamics of acceleration, then the hybrid car will again be ahead of everyone, because in any case it has the total power of the two power units an order of magnitude greater than in the diesel or gasoline engine.

Range Is a Fact

Earlier it was mentioned that the prices for hybrid vehicles significantly differ from the versions with diesel and gasoline engines in the direction of increase. At the same time, the small difference between the fuel consumption of a hybrid and a diesel engine will be leveled by the price of fuel. Moreover, experts say that for some certain models, the recalculation for money shows that the owners of the hybrid car travel a bit more expensive than driving with a diesel car. From all this it follows that the hybrid car is best viewed as an alternative to the petrol versions of the model you like. But even here there is one nuance; a high price difference between a gasoline and a hybrid car can justify itself only after 150-200 thousand kilometers of run, and sometimes even later it all depends directly on the difference in price. This is a pretty impressive figure and if you decide to buy a hybrid car, guided by the sole purpose to save on fuel, you must first calculate the validity of such an acquisition and be sure to consider whether you will drive a new car for as long as necessary.

The situation with diesel cars is much better. Buyers can compensate for the difference in their price after 60-80 thousand kilometers.

If we take into account that a short period when hybrid vehicles massively entered the world automotive market, we can confidently say that their flowering is still somewhere in the future. Now the purchase of this type of transport to many may seem questionable (given the benefits of such an acquisition), but over time it will become increasingly obvious. In any case, the choice is always yours.

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