A New Hybrid : Honda Insight (Prices, Techinical Data, etc.)


Today lots of people choosing Hybrid cars because Hybrid cars offers to more economical and comfortable drive than other cars. And than automobile industry in the competition for Hybrid technology so Honda will produce Honda Insight next year. I’ll write about insight tech. , desing , and range in this writing.

The Honda Insight has a luxury and sport interior desing. These are Apple Carplay and Android auto integration. These are offers to you , conneting everytime and everywhere your insight. You can play your playlist, use apple maps or Google maps navigation and call your friend.) There are 8-inch display audio with high-resulation touch-screen. The screen way to listening news from radio , use car’s navigation, etc. The insight has 450 watt Premium audio system, this system offers to feeling at concerts area in the car.

The insight has powered by the third generation of Honda’s innovative two motor Hybrid system. The insight offer high-acceleration in its class. The honda’s engineers are explain that the power of dream. Both LX and EX have 55-mpg city ranting. If your commute is 55-mpg you can commute without gas. The Insight has 1,5-liter and 4 cylinder engine. Two motor Hybrid means impressive fuel effiency. The motors can sendpower to both wheels and battery.

Two Driving Modes

There are two drive modes for Insight. These are active ECON mode and Sport Mode. ECON mode for fuel effiency and sport mode is more aggressively driving. You can start your engine from up to 100 feet away and than there are lane watch in the insight. The lane watch offer to live video on the display audio touch-screen. The Insight’s body desing that protection and crash compatibility in frontal corrision.

Benefits Of Insight

The Honda Insight has CMBS ( collision mitigation breakin system) can help brake when the system determine that collision is unavoidable and than the car has RDM ( road departure mitigation system). If you cross over detected lanes without signaling , can provide steering to help you return to your lane. The Insight has cruise control. There are LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) the system helps to keep vehicle centered in a lane. The last one (TSR) traffic sign recognition. The TSR display speed-limit info. to assist the drive while moving forward.

Honda Insight Price

The insight’s prices are starting at 22,830 USD.

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