Volvo XC90 T8 : Powerful Hybrid SUV


Volvo XC90 T8, is the new hybrid car that the Volvo produce. The car isn’t only SUV. Volvo mixed luxury , performance and securty in this car. Volvo said luxury performance witout compromise for this car. That mean the car produced for high performance with comfort. Anyway i will tell you Volvo XC90T8’s performance , desing , prices and technology.

A Powerful Hybrid SUV

The car has 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine and an 87 horsepower electric motor. That mean the car has total 400HP(horsepower) and  472 Torque. The car offers to economy or speed according to your preference. When you push the gas pedal, you’ll hear and feel the combined of electric motor and petrol engine and you will see , the car is faster than your expects. Other potential is pretty economical. When you switched ECO mode , the gasoline engine still activeted for a little acceleration. And the second mode is B. This mode is desingned to more aggressively use elecrical energy.

The XC90T8 has moonroof , the moonroof fills the cabin of the car with natural life. The Volvo offers to luxury package , this package build up to the allready cabin of the XC90 with even more some exculisive touches.

9″ Sensus Touchscreen

The car has 9’’ Sensus Touchscreen , you can control your nearly every function of your vehicle (from the navigation to ventilated seats). You can use the touchscreen with gloves this is realy good particular for winter. You’ll feel at Gothenburg Symphony Concert Hall in this car with The quality Premium sound system powered by Bowers & Wilkins. After than you can lock and unluck your car’s doors , start your engine and control your clima cool for cool or warm the cabin before you leave.

The car has 360o surround view camera. The camera offers to bird’s eye view of the area surrounding your Volvo. There are 4 cameras in this system ; 2 at the door mirrors , 1 at the front of , and one at rear and digitally combines them to provide an overhead view of the vehicle. You can drive this car with pilot assist. Standart pilot assist produced for helping your acceleration , braking and steering assistance in traffic flow within your lane to safety.

Volvo XC90 Prices

The Volvo is starting at 65,945 USD. And the Volvo offers to build your own Volvo with some packages but these packages is including extra prices. For example ; Graphical Head-up Display (HUD) is 900 USD , 4-corner Air Suspension is 1,800 USD , Rubber Floor Matas 145 USD , meda, player 7’’ DVD system is 2,575 USD , Heated Steering Wheel is 300 USD etc.

Volvo XC90 Technical Datas

The car has 5 doors , 5/7 seats and the car is 4w4. Max speed is 230 km/h and acceleration is (to 0-100 km/h)  5,6 sec. . The SUV has high volume tank and this tank is 50L. The car’s all-electric range is >43 km and the electric motor’s power is 87 hp , torque is 240 Nm. The CO2 emissions are 49 g/km , rear brakes are disc , front brakes are ventilated discs and there is an ABS system. For more information you can visit Volvo’s official web site from here.


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