What Is The Working Principle of a Hybrid Engine?


Why did the idea of ​​creating such engines arise? Consider the principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages of cars running on gasoline, and electric vehicles. Internal combustion engines are more powerful, but at the same time, developers can not completely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. This factor, a reduction in world oil reserves and, as a result, a regular and systematic rise in the price of such a source of energy. What ? I hear you ! Your Welcome, Hybrid Engine !

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Electricity has its undeniable advantages, above all, it is environmentally friendly and cheaper. But at the same time, electro mobiles cannot get much popularity now, because it is necessary, infrastructure; car charging stations, specialized service stations, focused on repair and maintenance of this type of engines. But the most important factor is the power, which is much inferior to internal combustion engines.

How The Hybrid Engine Works?

Hybrid motor combines two types; fuel (gasoline / diesel) and electric. This cocktail, of course, is imperfect, but brought a lot of positive things to motorists. First you need to understand the principle of the hybrid engine.

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The fuel part of such a motor can work together with an electric motor, but it is also possible to carry out completely independent cycles. Of course, machines with a hybrid engine are supplied with computers that distribute the load correctly to both parts. So, outside the city, where the power of the power unit is important, the gasoline or diesel technology comes into play, besides, the exhaust gases are not so fatal for the person on the highway.

But in the city mainly operates the electrical component, because this option is cleaner and more economical. Cars with a hybrid engine know how to service themselves, it concerns the electrical part of the motor. The electrical component is not idling while the fuel is running, it accumulates the generated energy, then to put it back into the business.

This system allows you to charge the batteries during braking and when the car is running down. The principle of its work is that when braking the wheels, the electric motor is activated, which in this case itself plays the role of a generator and charges the batteries.

The developers approached this issue in a comprehensive manner. In this case, several tasks have been accomplished; emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere have been minimized, which positively affect both the ecological situation and the urban atmosphere, but also on the Earth as a whole; due to the combination of the two types of energy, the operating costs are reduced; shortcomings of the electric motor (low power) are compensated by the advantages of the petrol upward. As a matter of fact, such cars in a high-speed mode do not differ from petrol ones.

What About Hybrid Cars Prices ?

If you analyze the price of hybrids, you can see that they are more expensive than conventional machines. It is necessary, first of all, to analyze what you get as a result when buying such an option. And only after this, decide whether you are ready to invest (even if it is a purchase on credit), which will eventually turn into a daily saving. And the more the prices for gasoline increase, the more your net income will become.

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